Knowledge at Urban

The Knowledge at Urban website contains information on all things Urban. Users will find the latest news, important documents, benefits and employee information.

GroupWise Email

Use GroupWise to check your email when you're out of the office.The online email system provides access to users anywhere in the world.

Human Resource Benefits

The Human Resource Benefits (HRB) Solution website is a self-service system for Urban employees to view and update their personal and benefit information.


Visit the Proofpoint website to release or block email. This service provides email content filtering for Urban's email system.


Urban's FTP site is used to transfer large files without sending them as email attachments. This site requires a username and password. Contact the IT department for more information.

Contact Information

Philadelphia Tel: (215) 922-8080
Philadelphia Fax: (215) 922-8082

Use the links below to email the HR or IT departments.